Architectural Committee

Chairperson - Ramona Peterson - 360-751-5102

  Fairways I Representative -  Christiane Leslie  - 520-444-9528

  Fairways II Representative - Scott Martel - 757-943-6240

Fairways III Representative - Rick Adshead - 508-735-2561

Who is my Architectural Representative

Architectural Approval Form
Architectural Guidelines
Pima County Plant List
Architectural Committee Policy
Lot Setbacks

Approved House and Trim Colors

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Fairways I
Fairways II
Fairways III




If you are remodeling, touching up or just replacing something rotten or worn on the exterior of your home (including landscaping) ....Then you need to submit an Architectural Request Form to Cadden Community Management. If work has been started, or completed, prior to receiving ARC Approval you run the risk have having to re-do your project if it does not meet set ARC guidelines.

To request approval to commence building, exterior remodeling, painting/repainting, landscaping, or construction of a wall or fence on your property, please print/pick up form and submit it, IN DUPLICATE, to Cadden Community Management,
101 S. La Canada Drive Suite #20,
Green Valley, AZ, 85614.

Architectural Committee Meetings
are the first and third
Mondays at
9:30 AM

Contact committee
chair for details