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Fairways Property Owners Association
Mission Statement

The Fairways Property Owners Association is dedicated to maintaining safe and harmonious neighborhoods, sustaining and protecting property values, and keeping our community attractive, pleasant, and friendly.

Goals of the Fairways Property Owners Association Board of Directors

A] To be good stewards and maintain consistent standards.

B] To be fiscally responsible.

C] To keep neighborhood appearances up to community standards of Green Valley.

D] To enforce the CC&R�s set up by this association.

E] To follow the Bylaws as set up by this association.

F] To protect the Fairways quality of life now and in the future.

The Green Valley Fairways Property Owners Association (GVFPOA) is the largest homeowner association in Green Valley with 759 homes in three subdivisions.  Created in 1966, it is also one of the oldest.  GVFPOA is an age-restricted community.
      What does GVFPOA do for me?

The beauty of the Fairways with its mature trees and other vegetation as well as its attractive homes is maintained as a result of the actions of our members and the association. We routinely monitor that Fairways properties are in compliance with our CC&Rs and pursue corrective action with those that are not.
We also periodically publish a newsletter that keeps you up to date with community issues and also provides other useful information for our residents.


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Green Valley Fairways Property Owners Association